September 13th, 2022

Big Bang to Humankind

  • Rainbows are formed when light goes through water droplets and bends at different angles.
  • The sun’s atmosphere has elements that absorb specific wavelengths.
    • If you look at a star and see a gap in the wavelengths, you know what elements it has.
  • Redshift is when something going away from you shifts towards the red end of the spectrum. Blueshift is when something coming towards you shifts towards blue.
  • ”Standard candles” allow us to measure changes in brightness of distant stars, and figure out how far away they are.

The Big Bang

  • Hubble discovered that things further away are moving faster away from us.
    • From this, he concluded: The Universe is expanding unformly.
    • When things expand uniformly, further things move away at higher rates.
    • If you reverse this process, everything goes back to one point that contains everything. At the very beginning, it was just energy (the Big Bang).

First 3 minutes of the Big Bang

Protons and neutrons smashed together, forming hydrogen and helium.

  • The vast majority of all helium in existence today was made during this time.